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1 ton BB fertilizer production line

May 21, 2021

1 ton BB fertilizer production line to Thailand

On May 18th, we sent a BB fertilizer production line to Thailand.

The BB fertilizer mixer (mixed fertilizer production line) produced by our company adopts positive and negative effects, mixing and outputting materials through a special internal screw mechanism and a unique three-dimensional structure. The equipment is novel in design and has strong practicability. Its feeding system does not store materials. The mixing system is evenly blended, and the electronic control system, manual, automatic, and compound settings are characteristics that its similar products do not have. BB fertilizer mixer equipment has the characteristics of low price, small area, large output, and uniform mixing.

The mixed fertilizer production line can be designed and manufactured according to the requirements of compound fertilizer plants and fertilizer distributors, with an output of 10,000 to 100,000 tons. The process of direct feeding from the hoisting tank and direct unloading of the mixer has almost reached the goal of "zero" blanking.

Compound fertilizer equipment has long service life, convenient operation, strong reliability, high output, simple maintenance, low cost, time-saving maintenance, and reduced downtime.

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