Compost fermentation bacterial

Harmless and synergistic treatment of organic materials. The fermentation process is easy to control and is suitable for the industrial production of organic fertilizers. It is used for rapid deodorization, fermentation and decomposing of animal and plant protein livestock and poultry manure, crop straw, municipal waste, sludge residue and other organic matter (usually 5-7 days). After the fermentation of this product, the quality and fertilizer efficiency of the deodorized, decomposed, insecticidal, sterilized and dehydrated products have been completely improved.

Introduction of Compost Fermentation Bacterial:
Main ingredients: compound spore, yeast, enzyme preparation.
Bacterial content: 15 billion CFU/g.
Fermentation materials: livestock manure, straw, slag, swill, kitchen waste, cake meal, distiller's grains, etc.
Applicable objects: grain, vegetables, melons, fruit trees, tobacco, forest trees, flowers, etc.

Features of Compost Fermentation Bacterial:

1. It can quickly decompose all kinds of livestock manure, release the heat in the fertilizer, and prevent the occurrence of root burning. At the same time, through microbial decomposition, the macromolecular nutrients in the manure that are not easily absorbed by plants are decomposed into small molecular elements that are easier to absorb. Improve fertilizer utilization.
2. Improve soil and fertilize soil. High content of organic matter and humic acid. It can greatly improve the physical and chemical state of the soil, promote the activation of phosphorus and potassium in the soil, and reduce the loss of nitrogen.
3. During the composting process, germs, eggs, parasites, etc. in the fertilizer can be killed, and the source of pests and diseases can be cut off.
Instructions of Compost Fermentation Bacterial:
1. After cutting the straw for pretreatment, mix this product with corn starch 1:5 evenly, and then mix it with straw manure;
2. Adjust the moisture and make it about 50% moisture;
3. Pile up the mixed materials, pay attention that the organic fertilizer is fermented for aerobic fermentation and cannot be completely sealed;
4. On the 3rd and 7th days of fermentation, it needs to be turned once. If you find that there is no fermentation material, you can continue to sprinkle mushroom powder to help it fully mix and ferment; generally, the organic fertilizer can be completed after 10-15 days of fermentation.
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