Granular fertilizer packing machine shipped to Saudi Arabia

January 17, 2022

Granular fertilizer packing machine shipped to Saudi Arabia


Last week, we sent a granular fertilizer packing machine to Saudi Arabia. This customer has worked with us before and purchased a granular fertilizer packing machine at our factory. After the customer used the packaging machine, he was very satisfied with our packaging machine and introduced our fertilizer packaging machine to his friends. After the friend learned that our company has a packaging machine, he got in touch with our sales staff, and at the same time, he went to his friend to check our packaging machine on the spot. He was satisfied with our packaging machine and arranged for the company to pay us.

It is suitable for bulk powder and granular materials with poor non-viscous fluidity. The feeding method is pneumatic conveying. It is designed according to the structure of the domestic granular feeder to ensure the speed. The machine is an integrated steel structure, which makes the scale work stably and guarantees its service life. The weighing system is equipped with high-precision load cells and weighing display instruments to ensure accuracy.

The fertilizer automatic packaging machine is mainly composed of a silo, a solenoid valve, a feeding weighing device, a bag clamp for the feeding mouth, an automatic bagging machine, an automatic bagging machine, an automatic folding machine, an automatic sewing machine, and a conveyor; The material silo stores the material, the solenoid valve controls the in and out of the material, the feeding device feeds the material to the weighing place, the automatic bagging machine automatically sets the packaging bag at the feeding port, and the weighing system automatically fills the weighed material into the packaging bag Inside, the conveyor transports the packaging bag to the folding machine for folding and seaming. The whole process is completely completed by the automatic packaging equipment without the participation of workers in the middle. Is it more time-saving and labor-saving than manual packaging?

Features of fertilizer automatic packaging machine:

1. Automatic feeding: the user can place a stack of bags in the material preparation area, and the equipment will automatically take the bags.

2. Automatic bag opening: the device will automatically open the bag taken out.

3. Automatic bagging: the device automatically wraps the opened bag on the mouth of the quantitative packaging scale

4. Automatic quantitative packaging: After the bag is set, the equipment will automatically quantitatively blank the material.

5. Automatic bag drop and bag transfer: After quantitative packaging, the equipment automatically puts down the bag, and automatically transports it to the folding and sewing mechanism through the conveyor.

6. Automatic hemming and automatic bag sewing: After the bag is moved, the equipment will automatically fold the conveyed bag, automatically sew the bag, and complete the packaging.


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