Indonesian customer visited our factory

June 29, 2023

Indonesian customer visited our factory

Recently, our company welcomed an important customer from Indonesia, who focuses on the development of the agricultural sector with special attention to fertilizer production technology. In order to deepen our mutual cooperation, they came to our company to visit our advanced fertilizer granulation line.

Before the customer's arrival, we carefully prepared a tour itinerary to ensure they would have a comprehensive understanding of our production process and technological advantages. When the customers stepped into our company's front door, our enthusiastic reception team immediately greeted them and led them to visit our production plant.

First, we introduced our company's background and history to our customers. Our company is a leading company focusing on fertilizer production with years of experience and advanced technology. Then, we led our customers to visit our fertilizer granulation production line.

During the tour, we introduced the working principle and key equipment of our fertilizer granulation line in detail. Our line is equipped with advanced granulation technology, which is able to precisely mix raw materials and transform them into high quality fertilizer granules through a special granulator. Our equipment not only has high efficiency and stability, but also can meet the needs of different customers and produce fertilizers that meet the needs of various crops growth.

The customers showed great interest in our production line and asked some questions. Our engineers patiently answered their questions and showed them the effect of our production line in actual operation. The customers appreciated our technology and equipment and expressed their hope to establish long-term cooperation with us.

The visit not only deepened our relationship with our Indonesian customers, but also established a good image for our company in the international market. We will continue to work hard to improve our technology and service level to provide better products and solutions to our customers.

Finally, we sincerely thank our Indonesian customers for their presence and look forward to cooperating with them in the future. We believe that through our mutual efforts and cooperation, we will be able to jointly promote the development of the agricultural sector, provide farmers with better fertilizer products and make greater contributions to agricultural production.

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