Organic fertilizer fermentation training

June 19, 2024

Yesterday, all the staff of the company's foreign trade department went to the factory to receive on-site training on organic fertilizer fermentation.
Learned about various fermentation equipment and related functions. The fermentation cycle of trough and crawler turners is generally 13-15 days. Trough turners are divided into roulette turners, hydraulic trough turners and Chain plate type pile turner, because these three machines all need to build troughs. The feed moisture of turning equipment is generally around 55%. Different turning machines will have different fermentation cycles, production capacities and other aspects. Customers can choose relevant machines according to their own needs. Fermentation tanks include vertical fermentation tanks and horizontal fermentation tanks. Horizontal fermentation tanks can complete fermentation in a short period of time, and can discharge materials within 12 hours, and then age and throw them.

Then the related functions and working principles of various crushers were introduced one by one: the vertical crusher works with a chain and blades, and is suitable for the first choice of coarsely breaking compound fertilizer agglomerates. The vertical semi-wet material crusher has a large number of blades and high side discharge crushing density, so it is suitable for organic fertilizer production lines. The double-shaft chain crusher is suitable for large-scale agglomerated compound fertilizer fields. The double-cage crusher is used for chemical fertilizers with low moisture content. Bipolar multifunctional crusher is suitable for crushing stones. Multifunctional crusher is mainly used for crushing sand and gravel. Hammer crusher is suitable for wood, sawdust and other raw materials. The urea roller crusher is suitable for crushing urea and has the characteristics of good fineness and no noise.

I gained a lot from this training and everyone learned new knowledge. Our company produces various agricultural machines. If you are interested in these products, you are welcome to contact us at any time. We look forward to communicating with you!

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