Organic powder fertilizer production line to Brazil

October 11, 2021

Organic powder fertilizer production line to Brazil

Last week we sent an organic fertilizer powder production line to Brazil. When the customer browsed our website, he sent an inquiry about the disc granulator, and our salesperson recommended the disc granulator to the customer. When discussing fermentation issues with a customer, the customer said that they could ferment themselves and wanted to make the fermented organic fertilizer into powder and sell it directly to the end customer. Our salesperson recommended the powdered organic fertilizer production line to the customer. After watching the production video, the customer was very satisfied with the production line and signed a sales contract with us.

Powdered organic fertilizers are organic fertilizers that have not been granulated or dried. Compared with granular organic fertilizer, it has the advantages of small investment, low production cost, less nutrient loss during processing, low price, and less ecological pollution; the disadvantage is that the shape is not beautiful enough and it is not suitable for machine sowing application.

Technical process of powder production line equipment:

1. Mix the organic raw materials, control the C/N ratio at 23-28, and control the water content of the materials at 52%-68% after the ratio.

2. Raw material stacking requirements: any height, width, and length, pay attention to a place with natural ventilation.

3. The temperature of the material pile starts to rise, indicating that the fermentation has started. The temperature rises to above 60 degrees. The pile turning machine starts after keeping it for 48 hours (but when the temperature exceeds 70 degrees, the pile must be turned over immediately). The pile must be evenly turned to the end Turn the bottom material into the middle and upper part of the pile as much as possible to fully decompose, and determine the number of times of pile turning according to the degree of maturity of the material. This is a trough type turning and polishing machine that can be used.

4. The organic fertilizer can be used directly after fermentation, or it can be dried and packaged for storage.

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