Wheel type fermentation turner shipped to Turkey

November 05, 2021

Wheel type fermentation turner shipped to Turkey


Last week, we sent a roulette turning machine to Turkey. The customer first wanted a hydraulic turning and polishing machine, but because the customer's site was relatively large, two hydraulic turning and polishing machines were needed, which increased the customer's cost, so we recommended the roulette turning and polishing machine to the customer. After understanding, the customer places an order for the roulette turning machine to us.

The features of wheel type fermentation turner:

1. The high turning depth: the depth can be 1.5-3m;

2. The large turning span: the largest width can be 30m;

3. The low energy consumption: adopt unique energy efficient transmission mechanism, and the energy consumption of the same operating volume is 70% lower than that of the traditional turning equipment;

4. Turning with no dead angle: the turning speed is in symmetry, and under the displacement of the governor shift trolley, there is no dead angle;

5. High degree of automation: it is equipped with fully automated electrical control system, when the turner is working without the need for an operator.

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