Advantage of Organic Fertilizer Production Line

January 08, 2024
Organic fertilizer production line is a whole production line start from fermentation, crusher, mixer, granulator, dryer, cooler, screener, and packing machine, which finally make the organic raw material into organic fertilizer.
1. Raw material

Raw material source

Raw material name

Livestock manure

Chicken, duck, rabbit, pig, cow etc

Garbage of urban life

Restaurant waste, Household waste etc

Pond sludge

Fish pond, shrimp pond, Loach pond etc

Food processing remaining waste

Fungus food plantation waste, beer trough, starch trough, rice bran trough etc,bean dregs, pond dregs, fruit residue,sauce residue etc.


Gardening waste, mud scum,straw etc

2.Advantages of our production line.
(1)High technology motor in new organic fertilizer production line. So the operation of the whole production line is steady, with energy consumption lower 20% compared with ordinary organic fertilizer production lines.
(2)New organic fertilizer granulator used for the production line, with high finished granules rate  which can reach 85%-90% .
(3)Flexible design, various kinds of product types, suit for different budget, and factory area size.
3.Production line scale
(1) 1-2 ton/hour.
 Suiting for new small factory, crusher+mixer+granulator three machines are ok.
(2)5 ton/hour
It is the most popular production line scale, most machines of line are necessary.
It is for large factory or farm, a complete production line machines are necessary.
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