Australia client visit for 1 ton organic fertilizer production line

March 06, 2018
Our customers from Australia comes to visit our factory. His raw materials are mainly crops waste and animal waste. He wants to set up a 1-2 tons per hour capacity production line. We help our customer to solve all his problems and questions. And also we took him to check an organic fertilizer production line we set up before in China. He saw how the fertilizer production line works with his own eyes. He is very satisfied with our factory and our machines. Then he signed the contract with us immediately. 
customers from Australia
Details of how to work to make organic fertilizer
Working Process of Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Line
Description of organic waste fertilizer granulation plant
1.Materials dewater
Liquid manure of animals content high moisture,which should be dewater then enter to next process.
The crushed stalks and animal manure need to be fermentation to kill a large number of animal fecal bacteria,parasite,etc.When the materials is fermentation,it need turning,so fermentation can be more thorough.
3.Materials crushing
The animal manure in blocks after fermentation,it should be crushed through the pulverizer,which become relatively fine power is suitable for granulation.
The mixed material should be mixed completely,then get into granulator.
There are several types fertilizer granulator,if we produce organic fertilizer,it is better to use disc fertilizer granulator.
After granulating,the moisture of fertilizer is bit high,it is not suitable for long-term storage so we need send make drying process.
The cooling machine is used to cool the hot fertilizer.
There are some non-uniform particles,after sieved screening machine,the small particle diameter may be screened down for twice processing.
Under the particle surface is not uniform,sleek case,we need to be coat the surface of fertilizer granules.
After package,the fertilizer can be sold. 
We have more than 17 years experience on 10,000-200,000 tons organic and inorganic compound fertilizer production line and biologic and environment protection equipment, no dry and squeezed once forming equipment, chicken dung and high wet material drying fermentation equipment.welcome to visit our factory.
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