Crawler Turning Machine - Animal Manure Composting Equipment

January 08, 2024

The crawler-type turning machine rides on the long-shaped fertilizer base piled up beforehand, using the rotary knives mounted under the frame to turn over, make fluffy and move the raw materials. After the turning machine passed, it became a new stack. In the process of turning over, the material is brought up by the roller at a high speed and moved backward by a certain distance. So the turning machine can break up, crush, and take away some moisture of the raw material. It can work in an open space or in a workshop. The oxygen will enter at the same time of mixing, so it can reach one day of heating, deodorization and two days of sterilization (to completely kill the bird flu virus in the feces). ), three days to dry, seven days into fertilizer. As a result, it is very popular used in the animal manure composting process.

Its advantages are the following:

1, the crawler type turning machine is economical. The fermented animal manure is complete, no much residue left in the machine.

2, the crawler type turning machine is energy-saving. It can save much energy.

3, the crawler type turning machine is high heated. During the fermentation process, the turner itself will emit a lot of heat to increase the fermentation.

4, the crawler type turning machine is high efficient. In order to improve the efficiency and save time, the machine is equipped with two crawlers, so that the fermentation process can be freely operated and save time.

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