Rotten vegetables produced by the method of organic fertilizer

November 21, 2019
Scientific cultivation of organic vegetables is very careful to safety and environmental protection as the center, there is no chemical residues , healthy non-polluting, and nutritional value of organic vegetables as opposed to ordinary vegetables are relatively high, we are advocating is fully in line with today's healthy diet , safe diet life way . However , the distribution of organic fertilizer equipment vegetable base station abandoned waste leaves there are dozens or even hundreds of tons a day left to deal with . Waste Needless to say, these vegetable scraps will occupy a certain space , not in time out but will breed a lot of bacteria, produces an unpleasant odor , causing air pollution. The Gymboree manure fermentation agent has unique processing vegetable scraps , can easily solve this problem.
Previously, vegetable base distribution standing work , these scraps of fruits and vegetables are piled on one side not to be ignored. For one thing, no vegetable waste treatment technologies , and secondly , these vegetable scraps used garbage trucks to clean out should be the most convenient means of a treatment , so that more people chose to use these abandoned garbage truck vegetables aside and disposed of. But with the development of economy, science and technology to improve and promote the concept of environmental protection , more people related to the distribution of vegetable base station or a farmer's market and other garbage are seeking a better way , and strive to be discarded vegetable scraps re-use , forming a loop of the chain, will be reduced to a minimum waste of resources.
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Rotten vegetables
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