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How to make compost fertilizer

March 19, 2024
Composting, also called decomposition, is a process that decomposes animal waste and other remains of animal and plants. Proper fermentation provides appropriate surrounding for microorganisms. Add bacteria culture to compost can increase decomposition of manure.

1. Mix raw material according to ratio.
For example, 1.5 tons pig manure add 1 kg bacteria culture and then mix uniform, if possible, add some Straw or mushroom residue will much better.

2. Stacking fermentation
Usually, the stacking long is from 2 to 4 m, the width is 2m and the height is from 1.5 to 2m.

3. Temperature
At the beginning of fermentation, decomposition of organic matter depends mainly on the moderate-temperate microbe fermentation (30-40 degrees Celsius). As the temperature rises, bacteria thermophilic bacteria, the most suitable bacteria for living in the 45 to 65 degrees Celsius, gradually replaces the medium temperature microbes. At this temperature, a variety of noxious substance can be exterminated, such as pathogenic bacteria, parasite eggs, weed seeds, etc.

4. Humidity
You need to keep the water content of manure in a proportion of 50-60%.

5. Turning
While the temperature is 50-60 degrees Celsius, you need to turn manure. Composter may be a good fertilizer making machine for your organic fertilizer fermentation. It accelerates fermentation and turns organic materials well. It only needs 7- 15 days for the whole organic fertilizer fermentation with the help of composter, which saves labor force and time efficiently. If the temperature accive to 75 degrees Celsius , you need to use composter turning manure twice a day in summer, every three or four days in winter.

6. Finish fermentation
After finished fermentation, the temperature will goes to normal temperature, and the raw material appearance is pitchy. So we can move the compost to another place, just put it there for the second fermentation. 
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