The profit and cost for a small organic fertilizer plant

January 08, 2024

Small organic fertilizer production lines (Like small organic fertilizer processing plants) include two types: organic fertilizer powder production line and organic fertilizer granular production line.

Granular organic fertilizer equipment requires more equipments and investment than powder line. So usually the powder organic fertilizer is much cheaper than granular organic fertilizer on the market. 

The price of powder organic fertilizer can sell for 100-300 USD/ton, but granular organic fertilizer can sell for 300-400 USD/ton, some higher quality organic fertilizer price can be up to 400-500 USD/ton. 

The organic fertilizer powder production line needs the following equipments: fermentation turning machine, crusher, screener and packing machine. The investment is about 10000—25000 USD dollars. 

The organic fertilizer granular production line needs the following equipment: fermentation turning machine, crusher, mixer, granulator, round shape machine, dryer, cooler, screener, packing machine. The Investment is between 150,00 and 80,000 USD dollars. 

There are many kinds of equipment for the production of organic fertilizer. Different production lines of organic fertilizer should be specified according to the different materials and the production capacity.

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