How to solve the belt conveyor belt deviation in fertilizer production

December 22, 2018
In fertilizer production, the belt conveyor belt deviation is the most common fault when the belt conveyor is running. In order to solve such failure, it is important to pay attention to the dimensional accuracy of the installation and daily maintenance. There are many reasons for deviation, and it needs to be treated differently according to different reasons.
We can adjust the position of the roller set to adjust the deviation when the whole belt conveyor is deflected in the middle. In the manufacturing, the mounting holes on both sides of the roller set are processed to slot holes for adjustment. The specific method is which side the belt is biased, that side of the roller set moves forward to the belt advancement direction, or the other side moves backward. When the belt is deflected in the upward direction, the lower position of the roller set should move to the left and the upper position of the roller set moves to the right.
The adjustment of the driving roller and the redirecting roller is an important part of the belt deviation adjustment. Since a belt conveyor has at least 2 to 5 rollers, the installation position of all the rollers must be perpendicular to the center line of the belt conveyor in the longitudinal direction. If the deflection is too large, the deviation will occur. The adjustment method is similar to the adjustment of the roller set. For the head roller, if the belt moves to the right side of the roller, the right bearing seat should move forward or the left bearing seat should move backward. Or the opposite operation for the belt moves to the left side of the roller, the left bearing seat moves backward or the right bearing seat moves backward. The tail roller is adjusted in the opposite way to the head roller. 
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