Vegetable fertilizer management methods

March 19, 2024
( 1 ) General organic fertilizer organic fertilizer as basal , mostly in the former farming applicator . To improve efficiency , the best concentrated fruit and vegetable planting furrow spacing greater attention tiered administration , and with the soil mix. To prevent the occurrence of secondary salinization of soil , often a lot of greenhouse organic fertilizer , then be 1/ 2 to 2 /3 of the applicator , and the remaining 1 /2 to 1 /3 of the centralized Summer or fertilizing . Manure as fertilizer , such as when the employer after dilution with water will splash water or applied directly.

( 2 ) Nitrogen Nitrogen is a fast-acting fertilizer, commonly used as a fertilizer split application , buried deep underground from 5 to 10 cm is appropriate when applied , in particular, can not be applied to the surface in the greenhouse to avoid ammonia hazards, take the next film Dark irrigation technology topdressing can with water . Nitrogen can also be kind of fertilizer. Nitrogen in the soil for plants to absorb nitrogen deficiency or can not meet the needs of the time , but also foliar spray of urea nitrogen is only suitable for foliar application , basically reached the maximum leaf area when spraying best.

( 3 ) In order to improve fertilizer use efficiency fertilizer , phosphate fertilizer should focus on deep application can also be centralized hierarchical application , which will help root absorption , when the soils particles such as diammonium phosphate fertilizer agricultural effects than powder , high phosphorus content . Can be used for foliar spray fertilizer and seed soaking , seed soaking concentration of 0.4% to 0.5 % is appropriate.

( 4 ) Multi- potash potash fertilizer as basal fertilizer and planting can focus furrow , shallow-rooted vegetables can also be sprinkled on the surface, evenly mixed with the topsoil . Fast decomposition of potassium , etc. can be used as fertilizer , when applied in the plant rhizosphere digging near underground facilities . Because of their solubility and low mobility than nitrogen , the nitrogen than 2 to 4 days earlier applied in critical need of prior potassium is administered 5 to 7 days .

( 5) The majority of trace elements in soil no shortage of trace elements, but the greenhouse cropping serious , often leading to malabsorption of trace elements in soil or lack of . Different vegetable crops on the sensitivity of different micronutrient deficiencies , shall determine whether the lack of production factors based on the different types of vegetables and growth performance.
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Vegetable fertilizer management methods
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